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    This form is designed to gather important information for creating a tailored proposal specifically for your needs. Please provide your best answers to the following questions. Keep in mind that as your wedding approaches, details might evolve, so it's not necessary to have everything finalized at this point. The responses you provide will serve as a foundation for my work. While certain questions may initially seem unrelated, understanding these aspects will enable me to grasp the overall vision of your special day and offer the most valuable assistance.


    Wedding Date:

    Do you have a venue chosen?
    If Yes:
    Wedding Ceremony Venue:
    Wedding Ceremony Venue Address:
    If No, what kind of venue are you looking at:

    If Other:

    Will you have a reception?
    Will this reception be in the same location as the ceremony?
    If no:
    Wedding Reception Venue:
    Wedding Reception Venue Address:

    What size wedding are you planning for?

    If Other:

    Where do you plan for the guys and girls to get ready?

    If Other:

    How long do you plan for the guys and girls to get ready?

    Do you want a photographer there to capture the getting ready?

    Are you planning to exchange gifts or notes?
    If Other:

    Are you planning to do a Bride/Groom first-look?

    Are you planning to do a parents' first look?

    How long of a ceremony are you planning on?
    If Other:

    Will there be time between the ceremony and the reception to do the Bride & Groom portraits?
    If Other:

    Will you be doing an announced entrance?
    If Other:

    Are you planning to serve a dinner?
    If Other:

    Are you planning to have a dance?
    If Other:

    How long are you planning for the reception to last?

    If Other:

    Are you planning to do a formal send-off?

    If Yes, what kind?
    If Other:

    Are you interested in prints or a photobook after the wedding?
    If Other:

    Any other details you want me to know:

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