30 for $30 {January 25th, 2019}

On a random Saturday in January I offered a flash sale of 30 minute sessions for $30. Here are some of the highlights [...]

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Ari + Katie Foster {January 5th, 2019}

This wedding was so special to be part of. Ari was my brother's best friend so I definitely have claimed him as another [...]

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Another great year with the lovely Deanna Loveland {2018}

This is my last recap of 2018. I wanted to share with you guys my work with Deanna Loveland again. I know I [...]

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Staple Family {2018}

One genre I never realized I'd enjoy so much is family photography. I love when families allow me to continually document their life. [...]

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Glen & Effie {2018-Present}

I'm thrilled to talk about my experience working for Glen & Effie. TODAY IS THE DAY! And I'm so excited to share this [...]

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Graduates of 2018

It's always rewarding to see friends work so hard and finally earn their degree. These ladies are no exception. I have been a [...]

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Mindy + Joshua {October 20th, 2018}

It has taken me a while to be ready to talk about this wedding. It was a beautiful wedding to celebrate two great [...]

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Gavin Kennedy {2018}

I first met Gavin back in high school. I was astounded by his musical talent when he played at our fall and spring [...]

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Karen + CJ Parker {July 28th, 2018}

Karen is my only cousin on my dad's side. We were born just a month apart, but we haven't seen too much of [...]

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Committed {May 05, 2018}

I had the great pleasure of working with these guys to develop some new content for their website and social media. I met [...]

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