Bethany Long

Raised in Nashville, I have been surrounded by a culture of artistic views and hard work my whole life. My grandfather was a wedding photographer when I was young, so I was exposed to photography at an early age. In middle school, I was given a little plastic kodak camera that helped me discover my love for photography. In eighth grade, I decided to take it a little more seriously. My parents got me a Sony point and shoot for my birthday and started my own “business”, which, in middle school, meant I took photos of my friends and family for special occasions. My freshman year of high school, I began to intern under every photographer I knew. At the same time, I was working for my father’s web design company learning graphic design and video production. Throughout the rest of my high school experience, I applied myself, got a Nikon DSLR, began more freelance photography and internships, and became the media director of my youth group creating graphics and videos every week for high-production services and events. After high school, I started at Belmont University where I am a Studio Art major with an emphasis in Photography. Throughout college, I have also taught a few photography classes for local summer camps. My first two years of college, I worked for Pro-Care, a premiere carpet cleaning company in Middle Tennessee, as their Administrative Marketing Manager, creating graphic and video advertisements. During the summer of 2016, I began doing more wedding photography as the principal photographer and also as a secondary shooter for larger, well-known companies. Nothing brings me more joy than to take a client’s concept and make it come to life! I am not one to regurgitate cookie-cutter photos. I want to create images that express the uniqueness of my client. I’m not afraid to go the extra mile to give you exactly what you envision!