It’s always rewarding to see friends work so hard and finally earn their degree. These ladies are no exception. I have been a student at Belmont since 2014 and am graduating this May myself. I had the great pleasure of photographing these ladies before they walked across the stage and begun the next exciting chapters of their lives.

This is Erica Haskett, a Bachelor of Arts graduate. She loves the color yellow and sunsets, something we totally have in common. I had the opportunity to get to know her in a few art classes. We both love photography and have had the opportunity to work together on a few projects. I also worked with her to create an exhibition for her work and others in the Bachelor of Arts program at Belmont.

This is Laura Stauber, a Design Communications graduate and one of my favorite people on earth. I met her freshman year through another friend. We ended up living together for a year with other friends that I love deeply. She was the model for most of my photographs when I was taking photo classes. She was a HUGE help at my wedding and always brings a smile and an honest opinion. I don’t get to see her too much since she graduated, but I know that’s mostly my fault. She has always been there for me in some of the hardest seasons of my life. I love her with all my heart <3 ILYSM LAURA

Congratulations to all of those who conquer the things they set out to do! Life is short, live it up! You got this!